Feedback from existing and previous clients

David G

"I’ve really enjoyed Alison’s online Pilates classes over the last few months. They’re very well-organised and carefully thought out. And I’ve especially appreciated the sense of progression as her classes develop from week to week. You’re always building on what you’ve already learned and she’s great at moving you on to new challenges. Highly recommended."


"Alison was my Pilates instructor at a studio, and we moved online due to covid.  The switch worked very well for me - a more focused session with dedicated one-to-one attention, meant I felt I actually got more out of the time than I had in the studio, and we managed to make it work very well with the minimum of equipment. Alison always prepares carefully to ensure that the hour is maximised, and she is very mindful of individual requirements."

Marcia (who says I should mention she's 71. She's extremely fit, however, and I teach her as if she's half her actual age.)

"I have been doing pilates for 20 years and taking online classes with Alison since April 2020. The transition to online was easy, largely due to Alison’s excellent teaching. The classes are carefully calibrated to my needs but always challenging.  She is very creative and never repeats a routine. Having had a mild dose of corona virus, I feel much stronger and physically more confident."

David A

"‘I’ve been working with Alison for years and her precise, thoughtful and wide-ranging approach to dealing with issues around my hypermobility has been crucial to keeping my body working well. I wasn’t sure how it would translate to online, but it’s been as effective as in person."


"I came to Pilates as a 40-something man with a bad back. After regular sessions with Alison my health has improved beyond measure. No pain-killers. No ice-packs. Running, cycling and gardening without discomfort. Due to the extra exercise that pilates has facilitated I have lost 10kg. I finish in the top 10% of my local parkrun. I don’t believe in miracles but pilates has transformed me my life far more than I could have imagined."


"I found the variety of the classes very appealing, and your ability to adapt moves to meet everyone’s need very professional.  It’s been a pleasure attending your classes."


"You are a really great teacher and I'm frequently disappointed when I go to other classes now." -  Max has moved away from the area!


"I just wanted to say how valuable I found the classes over the years (and that I still do some of the exercises you've taught me.)"


"I really enjoy Alison's Pilates sessions - from traditional Pilates mat based exercises, to stretches and variations, throughout the month. The class is very inclusive, with women, men, various age groups represented. Alison gives alternatives for less experienced, and challenges intermediates. Would recommend attending - keeps any stiff and sore back problems at bay! As I also run, I find this class is really important to keep muscles from tightening up.